The four components of our project are:

  • inquiry (questionnaires and interviews)
  • workshops and consultations for women
  • training of professionals (therapists, counselors, teachers)
  • publications
  • Our consultations and workshops are an opportunity to explore patterns of relating with our mothers, daughters, others and ourselves. 

Please contact the daughtermotherproject or contact me to learn more.


I have successfully worked with a number of daughter-mother pairs for mediation and short term psychotherapy. I provide an environment of safety with boundaries; helping the daughter and mother more fully understand the current narratives they each bring to the relationship and to negotiate a new narrative that provides forward momentum for the relationship outside of my office.

Being able to reflect on our life experiences with consciousness can help us decide how we want to live and relate as women.

The Daughter-Mother Project began in 2006 with an interest in better understanding the nature of adult daughter-mother relationships, the effect of this bond on girls’ and women’s development, and how to use this understanding to help women better the relationship or accept it as it is or was.


mother project

June 9-02, 2018; 11a.m.-4 p.m.
Manhattan locataion TBD

Daughter/Mother Project team to work with Motherless/Daughters NYC Chapter