When a couple decides ...

to separate/divorce, their dreams and plans for their future(s) have been crushed. Divorce has sometimes referred to as "death without a body" and after the loss of a spouse through death, divorce ranks second as one of life's most stressful events. Over 55% of first-time marriages in the United States result in divorce and over 70% of second-time marriages also end in divorce. Mediation is the least intrusive and most healing of the legal options to divorce.

Litigants in an adversarial process are 3 times more likely to return to court than participants in a mediated divorce.

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how mediation works

Mediation is a tested, sensitive, intelligent approach to the resolution of separation, divorce and custody disputes. In mediation, the couple meets with a mediator (s) who raises all of the topics which need to be addressed and facilitates a discussion between the couple to reach a resolution. A constructive framework is provided that promotes separating/divorcing couples to make mutual decisions as they move from “opposing positions” to discussions and negotiations of “mutual interests”.  Mediation is cost effective and allows a couple to begin to move forward separately. Even “high conflict” couples can begin to make agreements that will become part of a larger separation agreement, rather than having decisions imposed on them by a court. Except for specific regulations around child support and retirement contributions, court filing fees and a judge sign off; a couple dissolving their marriage through mediation can keep it private and create an agreement unique to them and the needs of their family.

My approach to mediation

I became a divorce and family mediator through witnessing the loss, heartache and unrelenting cycle of trauma that the legal process and events inflicted on my patients.  As my patients lawyered up to “win all” in an adversarial fight filled with legal maneuvers, fear and drama- often lasting years, I received training in mediation. I learned that often cases that took years to resolve the first time around, ended up back in court again and again; that the battle in the marriage continued for years after- only in the domain of the court.

In my mediation practice, I mediate with attorney, Petra Maxwell, Esq.  Together we each bring a unique perspective to the process. We are able to quickly problem solve issues to promote creative options for separating couples. Petra is able to draft the separation agreement and initiate the court filing on behalf of the couple; creating a cleaner, less intrusive process.

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