I teach couples how to get beyond impasses and de-escalate the negative cycle of anger and withdrawal so that they can communicate effectively. I bring depth and sensitivity to the conversation of your relationship.  I have been able to help couples renew trust and transform their relationship even when there has been sustained neglect and/or betrayal.

I work with all types of couples: couples exploring cohabitation and marriage as well as couples exploring separation. I work with heterosexual and gay couples, couples trying to understand the impact of an affair, couples with sexual issues/dysfunction. 

Sometimes issues relating to sexual intimacy are the presenting problem. I assess how sexual and emotional intimacy impacts the other. I listen and help with issues of  desire and of “finding” the other; connecting with more authenticity. I assign homework as appropriate.

Communication with anyone on your behalf occurs only with discussion and written consent from you.



We will discuss the areas of your life that create challenges and distress. Life events in the past might influence and/or contribute to where you find yourself presently.

Your daily routine; medical conditions/issues, sleep cycle, exercise, nutrition, relationship(s), work satisfaction, and finances contribute to how you feel, manage stress and ultimately, make decisions.

Reading and journaling are often helpful methods that we can use to begin. I will readily recommend any resources, books, articles, films that may illuminate information and/or a new perspective relevant to a problem you are discussing.  As the how and the why become known and understood, change and growth becomes possible. 

I will formulate a beginning recommendation and suggest an initial plan, inviting your feedback and collaboration. We will consider together the most effective and efficient way to move forward. 

Communication with anyone on your behalf occurs only with discussion and written consent from you.



I run several cycles of group psychotherapy and workshops covering topics such as:

  • understanding dating
  • mother/daughter relationships
  • daughters-negotiating the mother inside us
  • women and professional challenges
  • groups for first born siblings
  • divorcing
  • navigating commitment for couples
  • parenting and couples of sero-discordant HIV status