"I have consulted with several of Lou Ann’s patients, and each of them has spoken highly of her caring open nature and the practicality and helpfulness of her clinical work. I am impressed with her warmth, accessibility, and clinical and diagnostic acumen; she is a pleasure to work with."

- Carl Boyer, MD

"It is a pleasure for me to write this recommendation for LouAnn Smith, a trusted friend and colleague for years. I have the highest regard for her talents and qualities as a human being. LouAnn embodies the best of what it takes to be a fine therapist: warmth and understanding, intelligence and knowledge, dedication and integrity. We've worked together on many projects and I recommend her unconditionally."

- Roberta Estar, Ph.D. 

"As a psychologist, I consult with Lou Ann Smith because she is a gifted professional. She is well versed in theory, and has the rare combination of sensitivity and practicality that makes her insights so helpful to me and to her clients."

- Shaul Rabinowitz, PhD

"Lou Ann Smith is a caring, effective, insightful therapist.  Experienced and highly skilled, she compassionately supports her clients in developing self-awareness, and she invites them toward positive change."

- William Lent, L.C.S.W.

"Through her warmth and authenticity, Ms. Smith uses her talent as a therapist to help people make significant and long lasting positive changes in themselves and their personal and professional relationships." 

- Carol Sherman, PhD, LCSW

"LouAnn Smith, LCSW is a warm and seasoned clinician. LouAnn has spent the span of her career involved with a myriad of clinical and training opportunities. She is on top of the cutting edge resources available in the field and approaches her practice with insight, clarity and determination. I highly recommend her professional services and am most confident in the outcome for all she treats!"

- Cindy Link Feiner, LCSW

"I have collaborated with LouAnn Smith on complex divorce matters, both as a co-mediator and therapist, because I have come to value her voice, her calming manner and intelligent perspective when working with couples facing the crisis of separation and divorce.  Her many years of experience in easing individuals through multiple complex personal challenges gave me great confidence in selecting her as a professional partner when my clients encounter challenges that may require the input of an outside therapist or 'coach' so they can move on with the mediation or collaborative law process. Given LouAnn's training in matrimonial mediation, she has also been a reliable and effective co-mediator in those high-conflict cases when two professionals in the room were better at diffusing the tension, bridging the gaps in communication and bringing the case to closure. "

- Petra H. Maxwell, J.D.

"LouAnn smith is a wonderful friend and experienced colleague.  I regularly refer patients to her that i feel can benefit from her approach and we also consult on cases together.  I recommend her highly for individuals and couples seeking to make meaningful changes in their lives.  You will have the opportunity to work with a responsive and intuitive therapist, who will listen to you and help you to explore your issues and find steps forward in your life."

- Jenny Ross LCSW